Max Day 2011

I know that Max was already ours before our adoption was finalized.  Even before he was born, God knew he was ours...

But we still consider October 28 a special day and so we celebrate.  Definitely nothing outrageous {as you will soon see}.  Another date that we can say a few extra prayers thanking God for Max.

First item on the agenda...

We thought today would be the perfect day to turn Max's car seat around.  This picture is a little deceiving because he spent most of the car ride with a super serious look on his face.

Last year, after we left the court house, we celebrated at Bazbeaux's.  We love pizza and this restaurant has amazing pizza.

When we went a couple of weeks ago to our home study class at the agency, Wes and I had lunch there.  We enjoyed our entire meal watching this little guy outside the window...

We have decided that pizza will be a tradition on Max day and so we headed to our favorite pizza place in town.

Gramma and Grampa joined us.  

Max was this excited about pizza...

We played pinball.

We pretended to drive cars.

But this wadded up straw wrapper was the best game of the night.  

Nothing like flicking a piece of paper around the table to make a kid happy.

Maxwell, we love you so much!  Happy Max Day!

How about your family?  What do you do to celebrate the finalization of your child's adoption?


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  1. I let the special girl pick the restaurant, and we go out to dinner. I retell the story of her birth, and of her court day (I retell the story of her birth many time throughout the year - it's a favorite she requests, but the court day story is usually only told on this day. She doesn't find it as exciting. LOL) The littlest one doesn't get it all yet (she's only 1), but she will. :)



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