Four {Funny} Things

Four {kind of} funny things about our adoption.  I'm basically doing this post because I want to hear your funny stories...

1. The look on people's faces when they ask where he's from and we tell them Indiana.  

2. Did you adopt him or is he yours?"  I didn't think quick enough on my feet.  I wish I would have just said, "yes."

3. "Aww!!! You adopted from China!"

4. Our case worker coming in to our hospital room while we are waiting to hear that Max was ours and her saying, "Sorry, we're having issues."  We thought she was talking about Max's birthmom.  Not funny.  She was actually talking about another women that had just been admitted that she was trying to work with.  Also, not funny.  Thinking back now and imagining the looks on our face...kind of funny. 

See?  I told you they weren't that funny.  Number 3 is by far my favorite.  

What are some of your funny adoption stories?

What are some funny things people have said to you?

It's up to you to redeem this post. 


  1. I am enjoying your posts as I have two boys adopted domestically. We run into #1 also. We like the look of shock when we tell people my husband was in the delivery room. We also had our dog sprayed by a skunk as our social worker was pulling up for a home study.

  2. Very funny! China?! He doesn't look anything like he's from China!!! :P

  3. When I referenced being in China to a hairdresser, she asked why and when I was there. So, I said, "Oh, I thought you knew, my daughter is Chinese." Her response? "Oh, did you adopt her?" I thought that was sorta funny -- like what was I going to say? "No, I stole her from China"??? Yes, she's Chinese. I am not. Yes, we adopted her.



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